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Public forest is being transferred into private ownership! Dean Natural Alliance, has been created to campaign to keep Cinderford Northern Quarter in public ownership.

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Thanks to everyone who signed and posted the request to all their friends and contacts.

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Fundraising Appeal

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Sadly planning permission for development has been granted and our legal challenge was dismissed by the Courts, but the fight is not over.


We are passionate about preserving this vital green and abundant wildlife area with over 2,500 recorded species on site, vital maternity roosts for bats which are protected by EU Law, Great Crested Newts and Dormice (also protected), Dean Natural Alliance is opposing the planning permission  to preserve the wildlife habitats and breeding grounds of National and European importance, to prevent the loss of a wonderfully peaceful and tranquil area which the public can use freely for leisure and to stop further money being wasted for something which in the long-term may bring no financial gain to the area whatsoever. Millions of pounds of public money have already been swallowed up by this project.


A fundraising account has been opened for further campaign work. We would greatly appreciate any financial help you could give. A donation, however small, would lessen the burden for us as we carry on our fight.


Please make a donation through PayPal using the button at the top right corner of this page or by cheque made out to Dean Natural Alliance Campaign Fund and sent to Dean Natural Alliance, Heathville, Wood Edge Road, Lower Milkwall, Coleford, Gloucestershire, GL16 7LF.


Thank you once again for your support.

CANCELLED The next meeting will be on Monday 26th November at 7:30 at The Nags Head, Slade Road, Yorkley Slade, Lydney, GL15 4RX, 01594 562592


Dean Natural Alliance Mission:


The Group will campaign to conserve the area known as the Cinderford Northern Quarter as a place protected for wildlife and for the public appreciation of nature. It is a mosaic of habitat types, a tightly knit ecosystem with many species depending on each other which cannot  survive major development.


The Group will support legal challenges, bring together other wildlife and cultural/ environmental groups and concerned individuals to protect this unique ecosystem.



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Appeal for help

Please help our campaign against the destruction of this important place for wildlife. If you visit the area please send us photos of the works or of any mess that could harm wildlife. With your photos please include the date and some info as to where it is and what is going on. You can either post onto our Facebook page or email to [email protected]